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Tournament Fees


Guests are always welcome to fish one of our monthly tournaments to get a feel of what our club is all about.  As a guest,

you will be placed on a member's boat, and will be fishing for the "Big Fish Pot" only.  This pot costs only $10 to enter.  

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winnings are reserved for paid members only.

$30 Regular Tournament Fee + $10 Big Fish Pot = $40 Total Each Tournament.  

Optional-  $5 side pot for the first fish caught over 9 lbs.  ( Optional-$10 side pot for non-boaters pending number of non-boaters.)

+++ Non-Boaters are required to pay your boater $20 to cover gas, oil, and general cost.

Central FL Christian Bass Club Year End Classic Tournament

The Club will fish a thirteen (13) tournament rotation with twelve (12) regular tournaments and the 13th month will be theClassic.

To be eligible to fish the Classic Tournament, a Club member must have fished six (6) tournaments during his club year of membership or 60%, whichever is greater. Each member can only have two (2) buyouts per club year which are not counted as missed tournaments. A new member joining after six (6) tournaments, must fish the remaining six (6) tournaments,